ElectraTRAC® STW In-Line Multi-Outlet Cords

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With its multiple outlets placed every 8 feet, electraTRAC® Multi-Outlet Cord is ideal for contractor jobs, power tools, temporary job-site lighting and home applications. Its lighted outlets indicate that power is on, and weather guards protect outlets when not in use. Patented anchors make electraTRAC® cord perfect for mounting to walls, framing and scaffolding indoors and out.

  • construction site
  • decorative lighting
  • holiday displays
  • home use
  • lawn tools
  • portable lighting
  • power tools
  • residential
  • temporary lighting
  • workshops
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Industry Standards

UL®/CSA/ETL Classification: General Use, Adaptor Cord Set
UL No. E55943
CSA No. LR-35162

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Copper wire with PVC insulation and jacket. 25’ Power Plug: 5-15P male plug with ground pin. 50’ Power Plug: 5-20P male plug with ground pin. Outlet Plugs: 5-15R end outlet with ground pin.
Taco packaging, 6.2 lbs. (25’ length); Box packaging, 13 lbs. (50’ length)

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Product Code Number/UPC

  • 614-16337AB (25’ length) / 048243993550
  • 614-16367BB (50’ length) / 048243993567
  • 614-14337AB (25’ length) / 048243993536
  • 614-14337BB (50’ length) / 048243993543

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