Genimax Generator Adaptor

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A professional-grade option for construction, emergency and other applications needing to “downconvert” 30-amp generator power for 20-amp tools, lights, etc. Designed for use with any 20-amp GeniMAX™ generator cord. This 2’ adaptor offers an extra-heavy-duty 10-gauge STW cord with an in-line power reset safety switch and 4-wireTwist-Lock outlets which helps keep the power flowing. This product is designed for extreme conditions where temperatures drop to -58°F(-50°C) and increase to 167°F(75°C).

  • cold locations
  • construction site
  • generators
  • heavy tools
  • indoor
  • industrial
  • outdoor
  • portable lighting
  • power tools
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10 AWG stranded copper wire

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Heavy Duty PVC

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Industry Standards

UL® No. E55943

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Power Plugs: L14-20R and L14-30 plug with ground pins.

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Product Specifications:

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Product Code Number
Explain Product Codes
Description Length (Feet) Electrical Rating Units per Master Carton Shipping Weight per Master Carton (lbs) UPC
612-ADAPT30 Generator Adaptor 2 20A, 250V & 5000W 3 5.4 048243993475

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